• Create kick-ass relationships

    Relationships are not contests, battles or even destinations. They are instead mirrors; so that we can get information about ourselves that we cannot see on our own. Relationships – of all kinds – are designed to help us grow into our fullest potential. Even though they often come disguised as challenges... [read more]

  • Tap into the language of health

    Life is full of choices, yet many of us forget that life happens through us not to us! Nowhere is this more apparent than in the arena of our health. To navigate this adventurous journey of life, we all come equipped with the most accurate, efficient and affordable GPS of all time – our bodies. [read more]

  • Spark an exquisitely happy partnership with money

    All relationships are designed to be mirrors, so that we can see ourselves and then grow into our own big shoes. The purpose of our relationship with money is no different that our human relationships. [read more]


Life is an adventure!