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16 July

As I was just about to begin crafting a promotional piece all about the value of play and our awareness of the moment, I learned that a friend of mine in California had suddenly died. Jeff Klein was one of those movers and shakers who was truly making a difference in the world. He was instrumental in the Conscious Capitalism movement and looking at business in a more heart driven way. He will be deeply missed by all who knew him and the loss of his future contributions will be felt by all of us.

But the lesson that I’m taking from my experience of Jeff is one of kindness and openness and a man who knew how to play! He was one busy dude, but he always took time to answer my questions, talk a little philosophy and share his brilliance. I’ll always appreciate his thoughtful comments for my book. His life was shorter than any of us might have imagined, but the last Facebook post that I saw was like many others that he posted. He was so happy because he was headed out to surf the waves!!

He will always be a reminder for me now to be sure to spend plenty of my time doing the things that I love with the people that I love. And recognizing what a gift each moment really is.

Good-bye Jeff. I’ll miss you. May your ride continue forever.