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31 May

The more I write about new ways of being with money, the more I see others who model exactly what I am talking about.  Of course, this is really cool, because it means that I don’t have to be perfect anymore and the world can still evolve even on my off days.  This is wonderful news for me personally, because I can take a break from my ridiculous endeavors toward perfection. But seriously, it is even more exciting for humans as a group, because the evidence is mounting that we are moving into new territory when it comes to our perceptions of money, competition and ownership.
This week I ran into two examples of businesses created and operated from a more connected and humane perspective. Mark Coker, the founder of was a speaker at a wonderful virtual conference that I attended for non-fiction writers. He started what has amounted to a big piece of the eBook revolution partly because of his perceived need for the democratization of publishing. Smashwords offers incredible publishing services for next to nothing, but more importantly, they do it so that anybody can get their message out into the world without breaking the bank. AND their company is doing quite well in the process!
Today, while working on the redesign of my website to launch the book, I learned about Askimet, which is essentially an anti-spam program for blogs and websites.  Their pricing is …pay as you wish! I wanted to give these guys a big hug.  They provide a really cool service while giving the user a choice to be in integrity with their money. How great is that? Every time a user signs up, they get to choose what feels right as to what they want to pay for the service.
It is so exciting to constantly learn about ways that people are connecting to things that matter – each other – through their money. Social entrepreneurism, conscious capitalism and Pay as You Wish are all making the world a better place – for everyone, not just a chosen few.

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