Tap into the language of health

29 July

Life is full of choices, yet many of us forget that life happens through us not to us! Nowhere is this more apparent than in the arena of our health. To navigate this adventurous journey of life, we all come equipped with the most accurate, efficient and affordable GPS of all time – our bodies.

Even though few modern societies teach how to read this GPS, our bodies give us reliable information 24/7 and integrate the communication from deeper, spiritual realms to the physical human experience. Our bodies are constantly generating sensations, actual feelings that provide data to the system that is Us.  Sensations, such as tightness, tingling, pain, expansion, release, or heat precede the emotions to which our brains attach meaning and consequences. When we learn to focus on the feelings of sensations rather than the feelings of emotion, we can have far greater impact on outcomes.  Our bodies, unlike our very creative brains, do not lie.  Sensations are reliable data points for making choices along our path.

In even more dramatic fashion, symptoms of dis-ease are also information, constantly alerting us to translate the raw data into an awareness about our Being-ness or to take some different action in the physical world. When we become conscious of the power of this language, we are much more likely to create thoughts and beliefs and then take actions that move us closer to our deepest goals and desires.

Clients often ask:

  • Why do I get sick every time I try to please everyone before myself?
  • What is blocking me from getting healthy?
  • How can I choose between these two decisions?

Coaching with Sympatico helps:

  • Achieve greater vitality – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Integrate mind, body and soul in a very tangible, practical and effective way.
  • Develop a reliable practice for making decisions of all kinds.
  • Illuminate and release confusion, fear and resentment.
  • Become response – able.
  • Experience connection and understanding in regards to difficult challenges.