Create kick-ass relationships

29 July

Relationships are not contests, battles or even destinations.  They are instead mirrors; so that we can get information about ourselves that we cannot see on our own. Relationships  – of all kinds – are designed to help us grow into our fullest potential. Even though they often come disguised as challenges, relationships are really spiritual partnerships for this adventurous journey to finding our own inherent greatness.

My clients often ask:

  • Why do I keep failing at relationships?
  • How can I attract my perfect mate?
  • How can I get my partner to give me what I need?
  • Can you fix this relationship?

Coaching at Sympatico helps:

  • Free you from the repeating patterns and limiting beliefs.
  • Open you to powerful new partnerships that are respectful, supportive and fun!
  • Energize and co-create generative relationships in all parts of your life, including your relationship with yourself.