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Awareness as a Function of Choice

10 September

In our hurly-burly, busy lives, we are often overwhelmed with too many choices. Just making a decision can be complicated. Often we end up making choices based on immediate gratification that lead to longer-term suffering or dissatisfaction. Sometimes, we think we are making the reasoned, logical choice only to find out later that we have […]

Celebrate “National Let It Be Easier” Week!

23 August

Maybe you have never heard of “Let it Be Easier Week”. Not surprising since I just made it up, but what if it were a true holiday? How would you celebrate? Think about the answer to that question for a moment before you continue reading. Instead of deliberating over the perfect way to make a […]

SuperBowl XLIX, cracking the bigger game: our hearts

03 February

I know many of you think football is silly, but I’m realizing today what a profound practice for the dualities of life that it really is. Yes, on the surface I am talking about the Superbowl and the “dumbest call by a coach in Superbowl history” when the Seattle Seahawks lost the game at the […]

Practice is all there is

23 July

Experience life. Stay in practice. Be in the moment. I know that we have all heard these statements before, but if you are anything like me, it has always been followed internally by the subtext of “practice makes perfect”. As in, if you practice enough or stay in the moment enough – THEN you will […]

Chasing my own tail

21 July

I love how life connects the dots. I don’t love how I am always trying to figure out how the dots “should” fit, or how I analyze the pieces or how I can’t let go of problem solving mode. A few days ago a friend posted a lovely tribute to her husband in honor of […]

Communication Breakdown

17 July

Apparently, I’m having one today. I can’t seem to communicate with anyone! First, I screwed up a client appointment that we set just yesterday. I had the time all wrong for the second appointment in a row. Then some of my very southern friends were trying to be polite about dates and a trip that […]

16 July

As I was just about to begin crafting a promotional piece all about the value of play and our awareness of the moment, I learned that a friend of mine in California had suddenly died. Jeff Klein was one of those movers and shakers who was truly making a difference in the world. He was […]

What game are you playing?

26 June

I love my clients. They teach me so much!! Coaching is the one place that I always get out of the way. I can actually hear what I am saying and the wisdom is for me as well as my clients. This morning my client started by sharing her disappointment in lacking discipline around her addiction. […]

Ready to build a new kind of sandbox?

21 May

Have you ever thought about how lonely it is at the top? Of course, there really is no such thing as “the top” or “alone” but we live in a world that promotes being better than our competition, being tough and rising to the top. And of course there are a lot of people that […]

Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth.

16 May

I know that most of us distrust advertising and have negative vibes for all of those marketers out there trying to get us to be consumers, but I have to say that I really LOVE some of the successful ad slogans that come across the air-waves. From a sales perspective, they certainly have not made […]