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Happy Sandwich Day

11 May

I had a rough week this week and had the horrifying thought more than a few times that I am just like all the negative habits of my mom. Perhaps stress brings out the opportunity to notice that old tape or maybe it is an ages old dance of shedding the layers of beliefs that […]

2014 – The Year of Collaborations (According to Nogie’s Calendar)

08 January

Well, here we go! Off and running into the New Year. Hopefully, you took time for completions for 2013 (see last week’s blog) and have now set 2014 into motion with some powerful intentions.  But no worries if you haven’t focused on that yet. It is never too late to set intentions. However, I do […]

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For Better New Year’s Resolutions…Do Your Completions First!

30 December

I love this week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.  Culturally, we are finally given permission to slow down and focus on the things that matter most to us. For many people this simply means catching up on rest or enjoying time with family and friends. Others take advantage of the lull in the chaos […]

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The harder we try, the harder it gets.

26 November

OK, here comes another holiday season where many of us face issues about money, about dealing with our family of origin or about loneliness and separation. I am reminded of another issue that also shows up in bright lights at this time of year. That is the quest to “be perfect”! Recently, I had a […]

Last Call for Boston Workshop – Follow the Money…and Find Yourself!

26 September

Last call for Follow the money…and find yourself!  This live workshop starts early tomorrow morning in Boston, so if you are in the area, I hope you can join us. We will be focusing on: “How-to” read the energy with which you are showing up so that you can actually BE in alignment – consistently. “How-to” […]

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My pet peeves – deserving abundance

20 June

Recently, I saw a quote from one of the best selling self-help authors in the world. He said, “If you want to have more money, improving your money consciousness is an important first step in attracting the abundance of financial wealth you deserve.” The good news is that the world is waking up to the […]

Money Talks … but are you listening?

30 April

I have a true story for you. Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to walk my own talk in a fairly dramatic way.  In case you ever wondered about taking 3 years off to write a book, know that it IS a pretty expensive proposition. Add to that a house that didn’t want to be sold, […]

Love Notes from the Universe

18 March

I know that it is not the holiday season, but I have a Christmas miracle to share. This week I had a powerful reminder of the fact that even crappy experiences are simply love notes from the Universe. This story starts back in Dec. of 2010 when I had packed up my holiday gifts and […]

Brain Muck

13 March

Do you ever feel out of control in your own life? Like your belief patterns are working against you? Or like someone else stuck a bunch of muck into your brain and now you’re spending all of your time shoveling it out?  Well someone did and if you are halfway awake, you are spending much […]

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