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7 Quick Little Tips for Depression

08 March

Lately, I have had a lot of clients dealing with depression.  Over the years, I have found several powerful ways to shift energy even from the midst of depression, so I thought that I would share them here with all of you. It is important to keep in mind that although depression feels like it […]

A Sweet Valentine’s Day Relationship Quiz

15 February

Happy Valentine’s Day! Are you ready to ignite your relationship this Valentine’s Day?  Do you have a night of romance carefully planned?  Have you bought special chocolates, beautiful flowers or unique jewelry for your sweetheart? Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to take a moment to reflect on the quality of your relationship – your […]

Season for Giving & Receiving

28 November

In this season of giving, I am often amazed at how hard it is to receive. The programming runs deep. Even though I understand the reasoning behind teaching children that it is better to give that to receive, the truth is that in order to give, someone must receive. The giver is not necessarily a […]

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