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Time for Compassion

20 July

As I watch the latest reports on the most recent shooting in Colorado I am struck by several things. I cannot honestly say that either observation is exactly heartwarming. The President and Mitt Romney both canceled campaigning today and both immediately pulled their ads off of Colorado TV. Both super PACS pulled their ads as […]


09 July

Millions of Americans are celebrating summer with record-breaking temperatures and are either being forced to slow down or find water in which to cool off. I see this as a blessing, since so few of us are actually taught that it’s ok to slow productivity or to focus on our own well-being.  I am also […]

How To Survive Whirlpools

05 July

I had a fabulous birthday and 4th of July celebration, but now I am once again feeling stuck in that effort to get back to work. What I left unfinished on my desk when I began this break was no small task. I was caught in a design loop of trying to condense a 350 […]

Measuring Intangibles

13 June

I have a favorite new hobby – loosing the extra 10 pounds that writing a book deposited on my mid- section. In another blog, I’ll share all about my successes that have come from reading The 4 Hour Body, by Timothy Ferris, but today I want to talk about how Ferris stresses the importance of measuring […]

Training for the Marathon – of Life

08 June

Unlike sports, our culture doesn’t prepare us for a truly awakened life. It actually works in opposition to us most of the time, presenting plenty of resistance training, no shortages of negative viewpoints and a seemingly endless stream of financial or relationship challenges.  So most of us aren’t quite ready when we start waking up […]

Transformation as an Olympic Sport

04 June

We all seem to understand the level of commitment and work that is required to become an Olympic level athlete. Most of us probably can see that it also requires some natural talent, some luck and a significant and equally determined support team.  The sport of living a fulfilling life may not yet be part […]

31 May

The more I write about new ways of being with money, the more I see others who model exactly what I am talking about.  Of course, this is really cool, because it means that I don’t have to be perfect anymore and the world can still evolve even on my off days.  This is wonderful news for me […]

Publishing and Parenting

25 May

A few days ago I had a wonderful conversation with my daughter about parenthood. She asked me how do you avoid being worried all day long?  There are so many things that can go wrong, how do parents live with all of the risks? I had never doubted that I would have kids, so I […]

Finding Yulia

21 May

I fell in love this week! As I was searching the shelves at Barnes & Noble for notable book covers, I ran into the work of Yulia Brodskaya. In much the same way that a teen falls in love with a Hollywood heartthrob, I sent her an email requesting a quote for doing my book […]

Another Hallmark Moment

14 May

My Italian friends say that I am more sentimental than their countrymen and I’ve been accused of being over sensitive since my mother started calling me Sarah Bernhardt when I was 5 years old. But I do wish I owned stock in Hallmark cards because I think it is actually a beautiful thing to be […]