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Studying the Art of Happiness

10 February

Do you ever think about clarity?  About how nice it is when you are clear about your purpose, clear about how a task is to be done at work or even just being able to breath clearly. I love and appreciate those moments of crystal, pure clarity. I was quickly reading (because at this point […]

Writing Better Patterns

09 February

This past week was commited to getting communication issues taken care of before I leave. Yesterday, I learned from my brother that we were in a Mercury in retrograde period. Great. Our culture has readily latched onto the idea that Mercury in retrograde equals screwed up communications. Computers won’t work, telephones go down, cars decide […]

Upside Down – Inside Out

08 February

Welcome to my adventure – in blogging, in travel and in life.  My name is Nogie and I am a Life Coach, a visionary, a mother, a landscape architect, a producer, a renegade and an explorer.  I am about to walk through a door into the unknown, into something completely new for me. Perhaps you […]

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