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Ultimate Dignity

17 March

After the earthquake in New Zealand I was fascinated with the degree of collaboration that citizens exhibited there. The resourcefulness, generosity and deep caring showed up in hundreds of ways – from setting up free kitchens in undamaged homes to organizing donation options from local schools. Since I often teach the importance of the mindset […]

Money As Your Valentine

13 February

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! This year I encourage you to use the holiday to think outside of your normal parameters, to stretch your consciousness a bit. Have you ever celebrated Valentine’s Day with your Sweetheart? Or at least imagined sharing that perfect, romantic day of deep connection? Of course. Most of us have […]

The Humming Sound of Being

24 January

I have recently become more and more involved with Global Sufficiency Network and keep finding new and exciting resources through them. I loved this poem from Soltermann. It seems that I am always challenging myself between Being and Doing, but I love this description of Being. BE E. Johannes Soltermann “Tired and Happy”,I used to […]

11 July

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No More Carrots and Sticks

05 July

For those of you who enjoyed Daniel Pink’s book, A Whole New Mind, I want to enthusiastically recommend his newest book, Drive, The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. I’m guessing that it won’t really be too surprising” for many of you to learn that it is the intrinsic value of an activity itself that actually motivates […]

Perfect Time and Place for Perfect Person

27 April

Sympatico Coaching and The Currency of Connection are looking for an assistant to help launch the new curriculum and book into the stratosphere. This will be a low key, but high importance addition to an existing team. We are looking for an energetic, tech savvy, fun person to share this journey with. This is a […]

Looking for Part-Time Assistant

27 April

Hi Everyone, I am about to launch a new curriculum and book about transforming our relationship with money and desire a wonderful, tech savvy assistant to join our team. I thought that you might have some brilliant suggestions from your network. I will post this on Craigslist soon, but thought I might find better qualified […]

No Such Thing as Arrival

05 April

Catastrophes do not always come in big packages like the earthquake in Haiti or the tsunami is Indonesia. My friend and neighbor experienced her own catastrophe this weekend. Hers came inside the small package of one family, but it packed just as much punch for them as Katrina did for New Orleans. And her catastrophe […]

Savvy Austin’s Reindeer Games!!!

02 December

Here is the detail for Savvy Austin’s newest Creative Convergence. Hope I see you there.It’s Time for… Savvy Austin’s Reindeer Games!!! In this festive time of year, come join in our hip reindeer games. Dec. 11, 2009; 7:00 PM – 10:30 PMCharles Schwab & Co., Suite 200100 Congress AvenueAustin, TX.$30 Instead of the same old […]

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