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The Wonder of Differences

14 February

One of the reasons traveling is so beneficial is that most people tend to be more open-minded when surrounded by a culture different from their own. Now being somewhat of a chicken this time around, I chose a culture that is not terribly different, but that at least uses different phrases for familiar words. Calling […]

Latitude in Attitudes

13 February

My mother had an incredibly bad attitude.  It was so obvious that my daughter, who was about 7 at the time, had a serious chat with her about how changing her attitude could change her life.  I’m sure that I am still wading through the muck of that attitude passed along to me. I was […]

The Hub

11 February

Sunday night I dragged my somewhat reluctant body to a small gathering of seemingly ordinary people wanting to “Be the Change.”  As we went around the circle and shared what victories we had “been” or seen recently, it occurred to me that perhaps there simply are no ordinary people.  Everyone had interesting and positive stories […]

Studying the Art of Happiness

10 February

Do you ever think about clarity?  About how nice it is when you are clear about your purpose, clear about how a task is to be done at work or even just being able to breath clearly. I love and appreciate those moments of crystal, pure clarity. I was quickly reading (because at this point […]

Writing Better Patterns

09 February

This past week was commited to getting communication issues taken care of before I leave. Yesterday, I learned from my brother that we were in a Mercury in retrograde period. Great. Our culture has readily latched onto the idea that Mercury in retrograde equals screwed up communications. Computers won’t work, telephones go down, cars decide […]

Upside Down – Inside Out

08 February

Welcome to my adventure – in blogging, in travel and in life.  My name is Nogie and I am a Life Coach, a visionary, a mother, a landscape architect, a producer, a renegade and an explorer.  I am about to walk through a door into the unknown, into something completely new for me. Perhaps you […]