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Celebrate “National Let It Be Easier” Week!

23 August

Maybe you have never heard of “Let it Be Easier Week”. Not surprising since I just made it up, but what if it were a true holiday? How would you celebrate?

Think about the answer to that question for a moment before you continue reading.

Instead of deliberating over the perfect way to make a big announcement, I am going to start my celebration of “Let it Be Easier Week” by simply telling you that I am super excited! And honored! And grateful! And did I mention excited?


I am going to be joining the lovely ladies of Reset Retreat as the coach-in-residence for their upcoming event in Belize, Nov. 4-9th and I want you to come too!

This is another one of those sweet examples of how life can unfold in exquisite wonder, when you just let it. Last fall, when I joined Give Realty as a full-time real estate agent, I assumed that I would have to give up my dream of creating life changing events in exotic locations.

But little did I know that 3 incredible business women were busy creating the dream of a lifetime and that they would invite me to be their coach this November.

“Reset Retreat is an exclusive women’s wellness and adventure retreat that combines personal growth with incredible experiences. It is a place where you can come to disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself. Release yourself from bad habits, toxic relationships, needy friends, family and unappreciative coworkers. Commit to giving yourself the time and space to heal, reset and grow in a luxurious setting”.

This is such a perfect extension of my own vision that I didn’t hesitate for even a second.

  • Beautiful location on the beach
  • Built-in adventures that allow guests to stretch and explore themselves
  • Daily group coaching
  • Yoga
  • Spa pampering
  • Yummy food
  • And the chance to connect on a deep, authentic level. A chance to get to know the real you!

But the really cool thing about “National Let it Be Easier Week” is that it can also be easier for you too. If resetting your patterns while enjoying a pampering, challenging and deep adventure with a group of wonderful women in an incredible place is just what your body is calling for, then please take advantage of the $250 discount to make your week even easier.

Just use the code: NOGIE when you register (before Sept. 15th) and join us for an unforgettable adventure in paradise!



Click Here to learn more


Today, let yourself become the priority. Experience one great week that can reset your life – long after “National Let it Be Easier Week” is over!