Individual Coaching

Are you frustrated because you think you been doing everything “right” and yet you still haven’t found your Soulmate relationship, that perfect career or the fountain of youth that everyone keeps promising you?

Are you a visionary coach, consultant, entrepreneur, writer, activist, musician or artist with gifts to give, yet feel like you are still swimming upstream?

Do you feel like you have already stepped fully into your heart-driven work but you still haven’t found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

Or maybe you have financial security but feel like no matter how hard you try you are still in a fog, walking through a colorless life that feels flat and burdensome?

Life doesn’t have to feel this way. Really!

Maybe, if you are anything like me, you have simply been playing the wrong game, trying to solve the wrong puzzle and digging a deeper hole for yourself.

Why Coaching?

We aren’t meant to live life alone or figure it out by ourselves! Have you ever wondered why all of the greatest athletes in the world have coaches or why the most successful business people have mentors? When our wise ancestors said that it takes a village to raise a child, they weren’t kidding or being metaphoric.

Life is a team sport. Relationships and connection are the juices that keep it working.  Often we cannot see our own blind spots and sometimes we simply need the knowledge, experience or perspective that others bring to the table.

Advice is abundant – and fairly useless.  But clarity and insight into how YOU can read your own unique game plan is priceless. My ability to “see” your blocks and “feel” the direction of your possibilities sounds really “out there”, but my clients will be happy to tell you that my coaching is incredibly accurate.

Foundations of my coaching

Learn to observe the sensations in your body

A somatic practice runs through everything I do. This means being aware of the sensations (not the same as emotions) of your own body. Unlike your very creative brain, sensations will never lie to you.  They are available 24/7 and can always give you clear guidance to your own true North. You will often (and repeatedly) hear me ask questions like:

  • What sensations are you feeling, right now in your physical body?
  • What do you notice in your body when you have that particular thought?
  • What is your energy at this moment?
  • What do you think your body is trying to tell you?
  • How is this experience a mirror for you to see something that you have yet to address – about yourself?
  • What does success feel like for you?

Ask questions

I believe questions are one of the most powerful tools that we have available to us. I am always asking questions designed to open doors, to move into possibilities and to expand your understanding. I will teach you how to recognize the efficacy of questions and how to get in the habit of asking them yourself.
  • What else is possible with this circumstance?
  • What do you truly desire at this moment?
  • How can you take an action step right now to move closer to your dream?
  • What does happiness look like, smell like, sound like … for you?
  • What if you could define success?

“Letting go” is a learnable skill

You have probably already done a LOT of personal growth work and have adopted a bucket full of useful tools. But most of us were taught how to fix things, rather than how to allow life to unfold.  This means that we start from the assumption that something is broken.  But what if, the truth is simply that we need to nourish our gifts, give ourselves permission to follow our own hearts and let life take care of itself?

Most of us were raised in a left-brain oriented world that does not recognize or value subtle energy fields or somatic awareness or even non-judgmental feedback.

And those few of us that were lucky enough to come from a right-brained, creative culture rarely have the practical skills to integrate into a world that needs both. Perhaps this is the time in our evolution where we are about to all wake up to this amazing idea that life doesn’t have to be quite this hard.

Life is a Choose Your Own Adventure

Life is always in motion. It is a story that is in constant rewrite. The choices that we make and the ways that we show up in the moments of our own story, really do impact the direction of the experience – for us individually and for the culture of which we are a part.

Develop exquisite responsibility for your own future and learn how to embody the fact that life happens through you not to you.  Feel the subtle difference inside of your own body and use this information as a
map to direct your choices and actions.  Discover your innate resilience and beauty and enjoy a life based on values and resonance, as opposed to one driven by needs and fears.

Remember that effortless, expansive and safe place that resides deep inside of you! Then set sail for your next exciting port of call!

Relationships are mirrors

All relationships (including the one with money) are mirrors – so that we can become conscious of our own authentic dreams and aware of our limiting beliefs keeping us from achieving our special brand of magnificence. This means that we draw certain relationships to us to learn about ourselves.  Usually, we can discover what that hidden nugget is by looking at the characteristics of the relationship – that we do not like or that set off our own hot buttons of reactivity.

Understanding the experiences of all relationships through this lens allows for far greater levels of success and flow.  This perspective also allows us to begin to make more conscious choices about the people with whom we spend our precious time. Very few of us were raised with this sort of metric for relationship choices, so it is easy to see how such a change could bring about huge results in families, schools and cultures.

Practice from the inside out

Laser sharp awareness and deep compassion applied to a client’s specific situation can change entire landscapes in a very short time. But creating a life that feels yummy is more than learning a bunch of knowledge.

Helping you become aware of new insights is the coach’s job. Turning those ah-has into habits is the client’s job. Having your coach be able to sense the bigger picture is great, but it is far more important for you to be able to “get it” deep inside your own body. Having an insight become a repeatable experience is the goal of my coaching. This is where practice comes in.  My clients will also tell you that I like to give homework.

How you show up in the moments of your real life is where the rubber meets the road.

The good news is that once you learn some relatively simple (though not necessarily common) tools, new habits come consistently and predictably. The results? More peace, happiness and ease. And yes, often more money, friends and meaningful work too!

Getting Started

So no matter what brought you to coaching (frustration with money, disappointing relationships, struggles with health or just a curiosity about how to live a more fulfilled life) you have started down a new path. We are here to help you navigate that path.  And although you are likely to find a more meaningful career, more vibrant relationships and more money – the real purpose of coaching at Sympatico is to help you uncover the most complete, most alive YOU, whatever that looks like!
Are you ready to let go of the patterns with which you are comfortable and learn how you (yes, YOU) can be carefree, radiant and glow-y? Are you interested in life being easier, in your path being clearer or just plain having more fun?

This is your life!  No one can choose how to live it except YOU!

Making it Easy with Pay as You Wish

If you are ready to step up to the plate and play your “A” game, we would like to help you recognize Yourself as soon as possible.  We have created that opportunity with a powerful payment option called Pay-As-You- Wish and with a variety of coaching commitments that fit any need. This is a serious no risk system.

All of our coaching is Pay-As-You-Wish (with the exception of free events of course). Since we all have different stories about money and approach value from relative viewpoints, this method of payment allows the purchase of your experience to stay in alignment with your own intentions. YOU decide how much VALUE you want the learning to create for YOU.

Hourly rates can begin at $85 but typically range from $125 – $250 per hour – depending on your situation and intentions. This system allows those who are less financially capable to take advantage of kick-ass coaching when they need it most!

It is really all up to you! It is YOUR life after all!

Click here to learn more about Pay -as- You -Wish.

Making it Easy with Packages

Available either face-to-face in Austin, Texas or by telephone.  Every session is completely personalized and customized, because it is driven by your energy. No formulas, no one size fits all. Allow approximately 90 minutes, especially for the first session.  We run by the energy of the session, not strictly by the clock.

Single sessions – Telephone sessions must be prepaid in full. Ideal for testing out Sympatico Coaching.  Since we do all sessions as Pay-as-You-Wish, there is really no need for short intro teasers. This is a full session, giving you everything you need to get started with your journey.

I month commitment  – Payable at the 1st Session. Available with either a weekly or bi-monthly schedule. This is ideal for clients that are committed to coaching, but might not have the funds for longer commitments. It does assure a regular spot in the coach’s calendar.

3 month package – Payable all at once or by the month. Available in weekly or bi-monthly sessions. This is the most popular package for those who are serious about making significant transformation. Making longer term commitments provides internal space for doing the work without worrying about logistics. This is a highly interactive, deeply intimate and powerfully targeted process. For those who are committed to really transforming not only their thoughts about money, relationships and Self, but also about how they show up in the world of action – this is the perfect practice.

1 year long journey – Payable all at once or in 3 installments. Available in bi-weekly sessions with on-call services as necessary. Typically this package ends up with more sessions in the beginning. Again the longer commitments allow clients to get into a flow without the interuptions of schedules and resistance. It also gives clients an opportunity to practice between meetings and to integrate over a long enough block of time to move through significant cycles and patterns.



Meeting times are negotiable & all rates are Pay-As-You-Wish. To sign up, please contact

Your Coach will supply:

  • Clear, non-judgmental mirror for clarifying goals, finding motivation and recognizing inspiration
  • Strategies and exercises for dissolving blocks to success
  • Level playing field with support and compassion
  • The strength and honesty to hold the client accountable

You should expect to bring:

  • Sincere desire for change
  • Curiosity about how to get there
  • Determination to do the necessary work