Currency of Connection

Sympatico is blazing into a new territory of spiritual evolution with our playful and relational approach to money. We are pioneering a new way of BEING with money! We are teaching people how to create (drum roll, please) happy relationships with money!

After years of coaching, I came to see that one of the biggest issues that seems to derail people (and societies) from lives of incredible brilliance – is money.  It’s not necessarily the amount of money that is the problem, but the way that we think, behave and relate to each other because of money that is causing all sorts of issues – from debilitating internal struggles to planet wide challenges.

I see basically two different variations:

Some of us spend too much of our precious time, energy and love focused on earning, saving and spending money and then we feel drained, empty and unfulfilled, no matter how much money we have collected.  Some of us are deathly afraid of loosing this money and hold onto it no matter what the consequences.  Others are trying to gain the approval of a parent or community through our financial successes. Many of us get so worn out that we live on auto-pilot and forget that life is actually full of lightness.

Then there are those of us who have identified our track to joy and purpose but haven’t yet found a way to achieve financial stability, much less the emotional freedom that is supposedly attached to money. This group is typically right-brained thinkers such as coaches, writers, musicians, artists, social workers or massage therapists who care so much about making a difference that we cannot see the practical road to their own magnificence.

The frustrating thing is that all of us have unique gifts to give. All of us want lives of exquisite beauty and carefree freedom.  Yet our lack of understanding and awareness about our relationship with money  is keeping us trapped in less than exhuberant lives and focused on the symptoms of our discontent.

A New Perspective

The problem is obviously not really money, but because money is so necessary to our physical survival, our relationship with it can be the ideal tool for the spiritual journey back to our own authentic and magnificent Selves!

So while the world is full of great resources for learning how to manage money from a linear perspective as well as books and classes all about spiritual wealth, I knew that we were still missing a puzzle piece.

Since early 2010 I have been exploring how we might better integrate this experience of flow and connection to our deeper truths through the world of money.

And what a fascinating puzzle piece this has turned out to be!!

I leaned that money was originally invented to foster human relationships. In its earliest forms it was meant to celebrate connections, cement marriages and honor rites of passage.  It was also used to keep the neighboring tribe from eating you, which is a method that seems superior to modern warfare to me.

I also came to realize that money, like all relationships is simply another mirror for us to see ourselves, to grow into our most fulfilled selves.

I discovered that like everything else in life, our bodies provided the direction for moving through this world of money and that learning new ways of BEING required practice…and more practice. The freedom about money comes from how we feel; from the physical sensations in our physical bodies and the subsequent emotions that follow the sensations.

New Tools

So I decided to create a complete program for changing our way of BEING with money, packed with whole brain tools and exercises that work from the inside out. The practical, body-centered approach of The Currency of Connection Program explores the internal effects and external results of our own stories. These evolutionary processes, including the OARSS Process, are a combination of new thought, non-judgmental feedback and applied practice that help you get back to the original purpose of money – to foster and celebrate human relationships – and to live into your own magical success story!

Are you ready to remember your true nature – an experience of freedom and potentiality? Are you ready to create an exquisitely kick-ass relationship with money? We are building communities of practice –full of inspiring connections, insightful ideas and useful tools and would love for you to jump in and play with us.

The Book

My book, The Currency of Connection: How To Create an Exquisitely Kick Ass Relationship with Money was released in early 2013. It is both an exploration about how money fits into the system of our human Being-ness and a guidebook of practical steps for how you can create a powerful and joyful relationship with money, in much the same way as you can create mutually fulfilling, spiritually profound relationships with humans.

The Adventure Travel Guide

In conjunction with the book, I will also release an e-book full of exercises that help you move through the practical wisdom found in the book. Stay tuned for a release date on The Currency of Connection Travel Guide: Exercises to Enhance the Adventure of Your Life.


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Also available is the recorded version of our highly acclaimed  7 week series, The Currency of Connection.  These calls with Nogie  in 2011 explored much of the material in a deep way with practical steps for transforming your relationship with money . These recorded versions are available (Pay As You Wish) for download here.