Collaboratori Texas

We’ve launched Collaboratori Texas! Registration is open! Activities are being added everyday! Lodging is confirmed! Now all we need is you! Here is a brief description, but if you want the juicy details, go to the brand new website at Let It Go!

Let It Go Vacations Presents

Collaboratori Texas

a boardwalk at sunset

An Experiential  Vacation for Highly-Conscious People

Sept 18 – Sept 21, 2014

Cinnamon Shore on the Texas Coast

Imagine a yummy vacation in a beautiful place with other incredibly interesting people, but instead of losing momentum and becoming a sunburned beach potato, you experience an event that delivers an opportunity to connect, create and collaborate.

Envision a conference, full of stimulating information and brilliant concepts, but a drawinginstead of finding yourself exhausted at the end of a day in a stale hotel environment, you experience a juicy, full body plunge into the experience of energetic awareness.

a rocking chair

Now feel the relaxing exhale of a gracious retreat, but instead of separating from “real life”, you experience a deep, playful kick-ass experience of presence.

Picture a powerful workshop, training or seminar, but instead of a deep dive into shadows or “how-to” lists, you experience a high-frequency, liberating four days where hats come off and masks disappear naturally.

Summer Vacation Beach

So what on earth is a collaboratori anyway?


a pool at sunsetA Collaboratori is a new kind of experience that combines all of the stuff you love from a vacation, regular conference, workshop or retreat PLUS playful collaboration into a delightfully fresh adventure – all in a beautiful setting.



torus brandsA Collaboratori is a collaborative upswelling of energy – a double torus ring. The constant unfolding and enfolding that is the energetic pattern of our Universe. (Google “torus”, it is amazing!) When it is a balanced form of torus (masculine/feminine; positive/negative poles -like the earth), it is the plural of torus – or tori.



A Collaboratori is highly conscious community – unfolding like the koru fern leaf. Creating itself anew each and every moment. From the worlds of spirituality, business, science, technology, entertainment and art comes diversity, elegance and the possibility to create an exquisitely kick-ass field of like-minded emergent thinkers.


jumpersA Collaboratori is a playful convergence of brilliant minds, willing bodies and curious spirits where we simply enjoy the expression of who we really are and see what the heck we can create together.



Now here is where your brilliance comes in.

If you are intrigued and want to play (at any level), please jump on the collaborati mailing list. Here you will be the first to know when registration opens. Here you can contribute your ideas, offer your services or just hear the latest developments. Here we will let you know the criteria for presenters. We are already inviting some amazing providers and emergent thinkers to create cool 2-3 hr “breakout” sessions, but also want to hear your ideas for the best and brightest.

Collaboratori Mailing List

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