Spark an exquisitely happy partnership with money

01 August

All relationships are designed to be mirrors, so that we can see ourselves and then grow into our own big shoes.  The purpose of our relationship with money is no different than that our human relationships. It is designed to help us recognize our own magnificence – sometimes through challenges and sometimes through mind – boggling brilliance.

What if we experienced our relationship with money as a lover’s embrace rather than as a trophy of empty success or the Gestapo knocking at the door? Money with all of its inner challenges and physical ramifications is ultimately a spiritual practice in exactly the same way that our human relationships are guidance for our journey through life. When we learn to approach all experiences from this viewpoint, we are capable of powerfully generative and transformative choices.

Most people believe that money was created to facilitate trade and commerce, yet when you dig deep into its origins, money was first used to foster relationships – to celebrate rites of passage, to gift the neighboring tribe so they do not eat you and to honor marriages or death.  Money is a manmade creation that we invented to strengthen our humanity.

What if we could once again learn to use money to facilitate our connections to one another? What if we could use money as a spiritual practice – to get to know our deeper selves AND to make the world a better place?

My Clients often ask:

  • Why can’t I ever get enough money to feel secure and enjoy my life?
  • Even though I have done years of spiritual work and personal growth, I still can’t get this money thing to work.  What’s wrong with me?
  • I hate my job, but am afraid to leave the security.
  • I am sick and tired of thinking about money all of the time.  How can I find another way?

Coaching with Sympatico helps:

  • Liberate you from the mousetrap of never good enough, smart enough or rich enough.
  • Redefine the playing field about the purpose of money
  • Awaken you to a new way of BEING with money.
  • Set a new direction for an effortless, luscious and fulfilling spiritual partnership with money.