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Finding Yulia

21 May

I fell in love this week!
As I was searching the shelves at Barnes & Noble for notable book covers, I ran into the work of Yulia Brodskaya. In much the same way that a teen falls in love with a Hollywood heartthrob, I sent her an email requesting a quote for doing my book cover.  And much like another fan lost in the crowd, I have not yet heard back from her.
Yet, a casual comment from one of my associates today about my uncanny ability to manifest, got me to thinking that maybe all is not lost. My practical self says to go with another of the talented designers that I am interviewing, but my gut wants Yulia’s incredibly detailed papergraphics, rich with color and texture and possibility. Even though her clients include the biggest companies in the world, I want her imaginative and creative juices flowing for the cover of my book.
And just like I tell my coaching clients about their relationships, there are two things that make a relationship work: 1) Love it enough to die for it and 2) Be willing to let it go at any point.  All in the same heartbeat. So I absolutely adore Yulia’s art (and would pay big bucks for it) AND I can let it go right now!
But in case you want to put your two cents in, check out her amazing stuff at

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