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Money Talks …but Are You Listening?

Start the New Year by Learning to Decode the Hidden Messages in Your Relationship with Money

Thursday, Jan. 9, 2014 – 12:30 CT/1:30 ET – Recording Still Available

Ever feel confused by your relationships – especially your relationship with money?  Ever wonder why you keep creating the same scenario over and over? This free class will explain how all relationships are simply mirrors, designed to guide us to our true purpose and help us to see the greatness that is already in us, just waiting to emerge.

When we learn how to read the language of relationships – including that with money – we can let go of patterns that have trapped us since childhood.  Rather than being caught up by the fear of loneliness, the anger of betrayal or the hurt of criticism, we can freely shake loose our burdens and dance with our Truth.

Choice is a function of awareness and the greater our ability to discern – without the disruption of emotion – the greater our capacity for choice becomes. Understanding the purpose of all relationships helps us hear what our money actually has to say to us.

Join us and learn what your relationships are telling you. This 45 minute call is free and recorded, so be sure to register now. Even if you cannot make the call live, we will send you the link to listen when you can.

We offer our Six Week Course, The Currency of Connection starting in late January and this is  a great way to get a taste of real changes that you can make in 2014.

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How to Create an Exquisitely Kick-Ass Relationship with Money

A Conversation with Nogie King and Michelle Casto

January 15, 2014; 11:00 CT/12:00 ET – Recording Still Available

Ever worry about money? Ever make decisions that you don’t like simply because of the money?

What if … your relationship with money could instead be an expression of your deepest and most Divine Self? What if … you viewed your interactions with money as an experience of possibility in a field of sacred relatedness?

This free 45-minute call is a unique conversation about our way of Being with money. We will look at money as a mirror – to help us grow into our greatest Selves and as an integral part of our journey to integrity and the emergence of our authenticity.

Come play with us on Jan. 15, 2015! Together, let’s kick 2014 up a notch!

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Mirror, Mirror…

Understanding Relationships as Reflection

January 16, 2014; 7:00 P.M. (CT) – Recording Still Available

Relationships, contrary to popular opinion are not trophies, accomplishments, obligations or chains. They are also never really about the other person.

Relationships are mirrors! I believe that they are meant to help us see the truth of who we are and how we are showing up in lifeTwo things that we really want to align.

If you are anything like me, you probably spent many years discovering your blind spots. “Oh, you mean that I am afraid to step into my brilliance?” Or perhaps you have finally seen that you are spinning your wheels because you are stuck in a private rebellion against something from your past? Or maybe a friend has pointed out that you see yourself as unworthy.

There are a million ways that we get entangled with our false beliefs about ourselves and about life itself. Fortunately, there is a quicker and more straightforward way to shift our perspective than decades of trial and error.

We humans cannot even see our own face without some sort of reflective surface. And since our Consciousness wants to communicate with us in our human form, it uses the physical experiences of our lives to do so.

That means that relationships of all kinds, including our relationship with our intimate partners or with our money are simply bits of data, reflected back to us so that we can see ourselves. When we learn how to look, we can quickly see and correct the erroneous bits of information or the false beliefs that are keeping us from our own inherent potential.

Understanding relationships as information about our own growth also allows us to create far more powerful and healthy relationships with all of the people in our life as well as with our money.

Join us for Mirror, Mirror… Understanding Relationships as Reflection, a free 45-minute call about reading our relationships to grow into our own amazing Selves, living the expansive lives we were designed to experience! See how relationships, especially the stuff that creates emotional responses, can be the most valuable information for getting what we really want in life.

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