Follow the Money…and Find Yourself

Once again, I will be offering a live workshop in the Boston area. This experiential journey using your relationship with MONEY as a MIRROR to kick-start the real adventure of your life has been expanded to two full days and will be offered Spring of 2014.

Stay tuned for upcoming dates and location for this very special event!

walden pond

Consider this:

  • Most of us already know that we would like to be in alignment with our true purpose and make choices that are in sync with the creative energy of the Universe. But do you know “how-to” actually BE in alignment – consistently?
  • Most of us recognize that how we live our lives is a conscious choice; that life happens through us, not to us. But did you know that choice is a function of awareness? How aware of your own energy are you moment by moment? How we energetically “show up” is the determinant of our results, so having skills at reading this energy is key to creating the life that we desire.
  • And most of us recognize that we have blocks and limiting beliefs that interfere with our freedom to living a life of freedom and luminosity. But do you know how to actually use the negative experiences of your life, your troubles with money or the challenges of relationships as the gateway to open to the life that you are meant to live?

What I want to share with as many people as possible:

Since I wrote The Currency of Connection, I have learned that we can talk about changing our relationship with money all day long. But to actually experience a different way of BEING with money requires a set of skills that most Westerners are lacking. Our left-brained culture has simply shortchanged us on some of the more right-brained, intuitive ways of learning.

The best way that I know to teach this skill is in a face-to face workshop. That is why I am making a special trip to Boston this fall!

This workshop is a hands-on, applied learning, skills building adventure that will give you the “how-to-do-it” tools to recognize your own energy – moment by current moment. And since it is live, we will also get the added benefit of each other (the old “sum is greater than the parts” thing.) I have plenty of information to share, but it is the coaching and live feedback from the group that will give you the awareness that we all desire.

  • We will use the portal of our relationships with money as the entry point for moving from a world of demanding, directing, pushing, trying to be perfect or get it right, manipulating, negotiating or figuring it out to one in which we truly operate from an energy of letting go, allowing, embracing and honoring.
  • We will explore our current relationships with money (and people) as mirrors that reflect our own hidden impediments to our path to greatness.
  • And we will turn our “not Good Enough Statements” of limiting beliefs into powerful questions that can free us to do the work that we are longing to contribute.

 Consider joining us if you want to….

  • Experience a sense of freedom no matter what is happening in your external world.
  • Create a delicious way of BEING with money.
  • Develop powerful relationships that are mutually fulfilling and expansive.
  • Learn simple tools that allow you to easily accept challenges as opportunities.
  • Reawaken your skills to read energy and therefore effortlessly align with Flow and purpose.
  • Discover how to integrate the doing with the BEING even in the world of money.


This is probably not a class for beginners…

But if you are ready to do the advanced work of looking at your energy, your money, your health and your relationships as data that moves you toward your fullest potential, then this workshop is perfect for you.

If you have been asking for the “how-to” for letting go, for embracing your authenticity and for truly living in the moment then please consider being a part of this class. We want you there.

If you have the courage to step forward into your calling and the perseverance to practice the work in what sometimes feels like an inside-out; upside-down world, then this experience will rock your world (and ours).


A little bit about what to expect for the day:

We will cover some of the foundational information that I usually cover in my four-session course, but we will primarily spend our time in live coaching and feedback circles – learning to simply say “what we see” and how to give and receive non-judgmental feedback. This is an incredible powerful way to wake up!

It is such a luxury to have the time to spend with a group, so expect to go deep. If you have worked with me before, you know that this is a safe experience that feels lighter and more awake than when you started the journey. If you have not worked with me yet, I suggest that you read a bit more about coaching with me on my website to get a sense of our time together.

We will blend exercises, ice breakers and plenty of laughs with our coaching so that the day is full but not overwhelming.

Special thanks to Seven Stones Leadership for their invitation to return to Boston!