Many of our programs are Pay-As-You-Wish. Since we all have different stories about money and approach value from relative viewpoints, this method of payment allows the purchase of your experience to stay in alignment with your own intentions. YOU decide how much value you want the learning to create for YOU.

NOTE: After participating in one of our classes you might change how you view yourself and your relationship with money. It’s not uncommon to want to make a greater contribution to our work than you initially paid in the registration process. If you would like to update your contribution amount, simply click the big green button below and enter any balance you see fit.


Many prospective clients ask why we use a Pay as You Wish system of fees. The short answer is that it seems fair and that it works. But the longer answer has a bit more to do with our philosophy.

At Sympatico, all the work that we do is about assisting our clients to live their most exuberant, fulfilled lives. Unfortunately, between the culture of scarcity that we all inherited and the false beliefs that we have all made up about ourselves, few people are living into their potential. Most of us are choosing to live patterns of limitations. Since we are human beings and the things that we need to see about ourselves come through physical examples – many of these limitations show up via our relationships with money.

By offering a Pay-As-You-Wish fee schedule at Sympatico, we set up a system in which you have to determine what kind of value you intend to create by working with us. We have no way to determine the value of our work relative to any specific individual’s financial resources, commitment or need for transformation.

Instead, we make “money” and “paying for services” a learning/coaching opportunity in itself. We give you the opportunity to create the flow between finances, focus and intention. Because at Sympatico, we believe that everyone is an incredibly generative being. We also put the response – ability and the creative capacity right back where it needs to be – in your very own lap.