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Practice is all there is

23 July

Experience life. Stay in practice. Be in the moment.

I know that we have all heard these statements before, but if you are anything like me, it has always been followed internally by the subtext of “practice makes perfect”. As in, if you practice enough or stay in the moment enough – THEN you will have a great result and create a better life. You will understand life better, attract more money and watch your problems disappear.

Well, guess what? Practice isn’t to get a result. The practice is all there is!!

Our souls are here to experience life – with all of its convolutions, in and outs and ups and downs. It isn’t judging us for having “imperfect” experiences. It isn’t making us wrong for not meeting expectations.

It’s the ego that is always pointing us toward a goal, a result. Nothing wrong with goals (or the ego for that matter), but it might be useful to recognize the difference between the insistent voices of the ego and the deep, quiet one of the soul.

As I start to focus on promotion for the Collaboratori Texas event, I remind myself that this too is just the journey. This writing is the practice! Not as a chore, a task that needs to be done, or a piece designed to have a result, but it is the experience of my life. Now! This moment.

Obviously, I hope that lots of you will want to join us in September at the beach to experience Presence in a powerfully fun way, but the real value in inviting you to do so, lies in this moment of connection.

Have an amazing experience of your day, today!