Group Coaching

Woman canoeing

Row, row, row your boat

Gently down the stream.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily.

Life is but a dream.

Yes, we all know this children’s song, but how many of us actually row our lives either gently or down the stream?

  • Do you make life harder than it needs to be?
  • Do you have great ah-ha experiences but fail to sustain the benefits?
  • Do you know deep inside that life can be more of a dream but you simply can’t see how to get there?
  • Do you wonder why life’s journey seems to be filled with so much muddy water?

Often the reason for our confusion is as simple as our biology.  Consider these two facts:

  1. Humans are programmed to belong; it is in our DNA. We will do whatever it takes to gain the approval of our “tribe”, especially our family of origin.
  2. And until we are about six years old, everything we learn is through repetition.  We do not have the neurological development yet to be able to distinguish between our own beliefs and those of our caregivers.

This means that our beliefs and thought patterns are primarily programmed through years and years of habitual repetition.

To change habitual thoughts (which creates our current reality), we need to literally reprogram ourselves with beliefs that our actually our own, that will lead us in the direction that we actually want to go and create results that we actually desire.


This takes practice!! Repetition!! And awareness!


So I have created an affordable program, called Row, Row, Row Your Boat, so that you can practice your rowing skills with a coach right there along for the ride.


Whether you would like to work on issues with money, ask questions about relationships or tweak your health satisfaction, Row, Row, Row Your Boat will provide the tools and practice to make profound – and lasting – transformation!


tiny oarsjpegWe will use my evolutionary OARSS TM Process to raise our awareness of how we are showing up and then use that awareness to create new patterns of belief, to take aligned action and to celebrate new results. We are reprogramming ourselves.

In case you are wondering, the steps inside of the OARSS TM Process are:

  1. Observe sensations. Notice energy. This is always the starting point to making any change. Learning to read your own physical sensations is a key tool in moving forward, rather than repeating old patterned beliefs.
  2. Ask questions. Questions are the perfect tool to open the doors to possibility and to reprogram beliefs.
  3. Release limiting beliefs. Learning how to let go is a forgotten skill that with practice we can utilize to get in the Flow.
  4. Set a new direction. It is always easier to get somewhere if you know where you want to go.
  5. Show up as if you are the change that you wish to see. And this brings us full circle back to observation.

Here’s how this recurring program works:

  • Row, Row, Row Your Boat will meet twice a month, on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month from 11-12 Central time.
  • Calls will be recorded, but if you want personal attention you will need to either show up live for the call or email your questions/situation to me at least 24 hours before the call. We will get to as many questions as possible on each call. First come, first served.
  • Participants bring their real life experiences to the call. I bring laser awareness, kick-ass thinking and gentle support. The community connects in an energy of collaboration and authenticity.
  • Tuition is billed on the first of each month. You can cancel your account at any time. Call or email us for current rates.
  • You can start at anytime.

New groups are starting all the time. Don’t worry about being late to the party.

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