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Summer Vacation BeachUnderstanding the Currency of Connection: An Evolutionary Course for Creating YOUR Exquisitely Kick-Ass Relationship with Money 

It may be true that money makes the world go around, but how you feel about it is what really matters. This four-session Teleseminar Series will give you the tools to fundamentally change the way you interact with money – from the inside-out.

Book slideMost of the world has been looking at money with only half a brain.  It is not meant to be simply a system for acquiring, accumulating or managing.  It is not about guilt or shame or even success! It is most definitely not about measuring who we are by our money.  Instead, when we use both heart and mind we can see that money really is a practical, spiritual tool to help us connect to Source for that journey to our greatest potential.

Yep, money is one of our most powerful teachers in this inside-out quest for wholeness, for peace and for fulfillment!

Money was not actually invented to facilitate commerce or trade. It was originally created to foster human connection (by honoring rites of passage, giving gifts to the neighboring tribes and solidifying marriages with beads and wampum). The true purpose of money, then, is relationships! With ourselves, the Divine and each other. When we can view money itself as a relationship, the world opens to an amazing array of possibilities. The “how and why” become so much clearer, the doing becomes so much easier.

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Let me ask you this:

At this moment, how would you describe your relationship with money?

Do you feel a sense of freedom and lightness or a sense of dread and anxiety?

Do you wonder if you are sacrificing your life for your job or have you committed to a deeper path and fear that the money will not necessarily follow?

It doesn’t matter how much money you have or how well you have managed it or even what programmed beliefs about money you have inherited, this course is about embracing the freedom that is simply waiting to emerge.

Here’s what I want for you…

  • If you are tired of making choices about money that leave you slightly sick at your stomach or out of alignment with your deeper Truth, let me share with you an evolutionary perspective that can shift your whole world.
  • If you are ready to have a life – including the way that you make a living – that is in sync with your Soul’s purpose, let me show you how your unique relationship with money is a key part of the journey.
  • If you sense that your own personal relationship with money is an important piece of the puzzle for the collective coherence of the planet, let me teach you a completely different way of being with money. One that could actually change the world.

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In this course,

  • We will learn to “read” the signals from all of the physical experiences in our lives, including money.
  • We’ll integrate left and right brain wisdom, learn to allow our thoughts to grow naturally and practice the kind of somatic awareness that leads to big shifts and lasting transformation.
  • We will explore the programming that got us into this reality in the first place, but more importantly we will learn the skill of really “letting go”.
  • Instead of making life hard, trying to figure it out and beating ourselves up for our “imperfections”, we will learn a kinder practice of “both/and” that is more creative, productive, inspired and effective.
  • We will redefine success in terms of sufficiency and wholeness, and not just in a conceptual way.

This is a nuts and bolts, highly engaged and personalized Teleseminar Course with inspired information, live coaching, and yes, homework.

Equipped with the knowledge that life is happening though us, not to us, we’ll build a community of practice to support our awakening and the emergence of our Soul’s evolutionary journey.

So if you are curious about a better way to birth your greatness through your money, please join us for this adventure. If you are excited about creating a profound partnership and an exquisitely kick-ass relationship with your money, please click here to register.

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Here is a brief synopsis of the Curriculum:

tiny oarsjpegSession One: Money Talks, but are you listening? 

The true purpose of money and how all experiences (relationships, careers, and health issues) are really just mirrors to help direct us to our highest potential. Understanding the paradigm of sufficiency (rather than the living in the energy of scarcity). Learning to flow with both/and (rather than being stuck with either/or).

Session Two: Why you wrote the script of your life and why it seems like the longest running play of all time. 

How the biology of competing commitments, our DNA for belonging and running early programming tapes created in our reptilian brain affects the current role we have created for money in our lives. How we can access the prefrontal cortex and reliably transform limiting false beliefs.

Session Three: Your Money as a Relationship.

Understanding basic human relationships and the current state of affairs with your relationship with money.

Session Four: How a circular process can actually propel you forward. 

Learning the OARSS Process for transforming your relationship with money (and yourself). Part I includes learning how to observe physical, somatic sensations and the subtle energy around you; how to ask effective questions of yourself and how to actually release and let go (rather than push, demand, manipulate, force or whine your way to the life that you desire) .

Session Five: Using Your Natural GPS (Your Body) to Navigate Unchartered Territory and Discover a Whole New World of Luminosity and Freedom.

Part II of the OARSS Process includes how to properly set a new direction for the GPS of your body based on internal lights, why completions are so important and how to set intentions rather than goals.  The final step in OARSS is learning how to know how you are showing up – energetically – moment to moment. It is this energy (not your thoughts or words) that creates the results.

Session Six: Putting it All Back Together Again – Moving Toward Connectivity

Coming to see your interaction with money as an expression of your deepest and most Divine self. This final session leaves lots of time for live coaching and sacred relatedness.


Register Here if you are ready to:

  • Feel adored, treasured and respected in your relationship with money.
  • Choose a radical realignment with money based on wholeness, purpose and grace.
  • Re-train yourself to be an active explorer, artist and creator.
  • Say Yes! to life and all of its possibilities.
  • Experience aliveness with mutually fulfilling, thriving and expansive relationships (with people and money) that are based on true intimacy and a higher purpose rather than on chemistry, safety or fear.
  • And embrace that luminous, excited and vibrant Self that yearns to evolve humanity and co-create a better world.


This course is offered with a Pay-as-You-Wish option because I want you to use even this exchange of money as a coaching opportunity. By determining the value of this Teleseminar Series for yourself, you are taking the first step toward a stronger and more empowered relationship with your money. Read more about Pay-as-You-Wish Here.

Often clients ask me to give them a suggested range for my work, so I have decided to do that for this class. Because this is the foundational course for Currency of Connection work and a prerequisite for more advanced retreats, I want to make it available to as many people as possible. I am suggesting a range of $75 – $500, depending on your available resources, needs and intention.  I could throw out an arbitrary amount because truly I think this work is priceless, but only you can determine what the value of this information is to you.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself in determining the amount that you pay. Notice the physical sensations in your body as you determine the “just right” amount for you:

  • What amount would I be completely comfortable with? Now add at least 10% to that amount. This will make the class important enough to you that you will do the work. Doing the work means transformation.
  • Do I feel guilty or ashamed that I cannot pay more? Then choose an amount and subtract 10%.  This is the beginning of letting go of shame and criticism around money.
  • Am I super excited about the possibility of discovery? Then choose an amount that would feel exciting for you to receive or to give as a gift to someone or something that matters deeply to you.
  • How much value do I want this course to create for me? If your brain says that you really don’t know, then pick random numbers and feel them in your body. Be Goldilocks. It’s ok to go back and forth until you arrive at that “just right” amount.

Can you see how your course has already started? I am so excited to have you join me on this journey toward your own boundless potential!

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Dates and details about the calls

IMG_0286Once you are registered you will receive the dial in numbers. Each session runs for approximately 90 minutes and will be recorded so you do not need to worry if you are not available for the live calls.

Your tuition includes handouts for each session and coaching during the live calls plus downloadable access to the calls. For those who pay at least $65, I include a copy of my book, The Currency of Connection: How to Create an Exquisitely Kick-Ass Relationship with Money. (Shipping is included for domestic orders only. International shipping is $15 extra.) For those who choose to pay $250 or more for the series, I am also including a 45-minute one-on-one private coaching session.

Welcome aboard as we carve out new routes on the journey to ourselves!

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