The Currency of Connection Series: Evolving Your Relationship with Money

Listen now to a version of this Six Week Tele-series recorded in 2011.


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The world spends a lot of time thinking about money. We earn it, save it, spend it, try to manage it, worry about it, hold our breath about it and eventually make up stories about what it all means. But did you know that money was originally invented to foster human relationships – not to facilitate commerce?

Do you realize that money connects everyone across the globe in a single click? What if we used our connections through money to evolve all of humanity? Learn how sufficiency can free us from our money stresses. Come experience a radically new way of BEING with money.


In this teleseminar series we explore:

Week 1: Why Abundance is Not the Answer!

  • Discover how quantum physics, left brain/right brain integration, the history of money and sufficiency practices can give you the freedom to interact with money in a radically new way.

Week 2: Let’s Get Practical.

  • Learn a body–centered approach to identify the internal effects and external results of our own stories about money.

Week 3: Are you the obstacle?

  • Explore your false beliefs and other distortions of reality that affect your relationship with money.

Week 4: The Big Bang Boogie!

  • Reclaim your freedom about money and step into the exciting pulse of your life.

Week 5: The Natural State of Sufficiency

  • Claim your inherent capacity as an extraordinary human being and learn to consistently show up grounded in gratitude and surrounded by enough.

Week 6: Standing on the Edge of an Economic Evolution

  • Learn how others are transforming the world and how you can be a part of it.

How Pay as You Wish works:

Since we all have different stories about money and approach value from relative viewpoints, this method of payment allows the purchase of your experience to stay in alignment with your own intentions. YOU decide how much value you want the learning to create for YOU.

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