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Transformation as an Olympic Sport

04 June

We all seem to understand the level of commitment and work that is required to become an Olympic level athlete. Most of us probably can see that it also requires some natural talent, some luck and a significant and equally determined support team.  The sport of living a fulfilling life may not yet be part of the Olympic Games, but it requires the same kind of persistence, attention to detail and honoring the dream as any sport in the world.
But when it comes to transforming the parts of our lives that aren’t working, we suddenly revert to the 3 year old on a long road trip that keeps asking, “Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?  When are we going to be there?”  We act like a lifetime of dysfunctional patterns shouldbe transformed simply by reading how others have done it, by asking for what we want or by holding “complaint” marathons with our friends.
This week we are going to explore an appreciation for the training inherent in living a well-lived life, in having the relationships that we all dream about and in experiencing money as the loving partner that cherishes us every day.  These goals are just as valuable as any goal set by Olympians, but in the attainment of these goals – we are our own competition. So just like the elite athlete, we have to do the work
Tune in this week for a deeper look at:
  1.  What training really looks like.
  2.  How do we measure our progress?
  3. The learning curve and recognizing when you have hit elite status.

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