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Individual Coaching

We aren’t meant to live life in a vacuum or figure it out by ourselves! Have you ever wondered why all of the greatest athletes have coaches and the most successful business people have mentors? When our wise ancestors said that it takes a village to raise a child, they weren’t kidding or being metaphoric.

Life is a team sport. Relationships and connection are the juices that keep it working.  Often we cannot see our own blind spots and sometimes we simply need the knowledge, experience or perspective that others bring to the table.

Advice is abundant – and fairly useless.  But clarity and insight into how YOU can read your own unique game plan is priceless. My ability to “see” your blocks and “feel” the direction of your possibilities sounds really “out there”, but my clients will be happy to tell you that my coaching is incredibly accurate.

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Ongoing Monthly Group Coaching

Working with a group provides an affordable way to get great coaching and benefit from the power of community. I offer this ongoing call, twice a month, so that clients can practice, ask questions and get clarification about real life issues.

Whether you would like to work on issues with money, ask questions about relationships or tweak your health satisfaction, Row, Row, Row Your Boat will provide the tools and practice to make profound – and lasting – transformation! 

Learn more about my ongoing monthly group coaching, Row, Row, Row Your Boat right here.



Understanding the Currency of Connection: an Evolutionary Course for Creating YOUR Exquisitely Kick-Ass Relationship with Money

It may be true that money makes the world go around, but how you feel about it is what really matters. This four-session Teleseminar Series will give you the tools to fundamentally change the way you interact with money – from the inside-out.
This four session teleseminar is my foundational course with part lecture and plenty of time for coaching Q&A. It is offered approximately four times a year.


Live Retreat – Coming November, 2013

Join me for 5 unsurpassed days of customized coaching in a beautiful, tropical location. Drop me a line at nogie@currencyofconnection if you would like a preview of details about this extraordinary adventure.

Speaking Engagements

I am also happy to speak to groups and conferences. Send requests to