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What game are you playing?

26 June

I love my clients. They teach me so much!! Coaching is the one place that I always get out of the way. I can actually hear what I am saying and the wisdom is for me as well as my clients.

This morning my client started by sharing her disappointment in lacking discipline around her addiction. She was just getting rolling on the “beating herself up” steam train when I had another one of those magic moments.

It’s not really the addiction that matters! It is the judgment that is the real culprit! Focusing on the behavior is not very successful, no matter how disciplined you might be. But becoming aware of your energy, letting go of the belief system and exploring what else is possible is incredibly powerful.

It moves us ever closer to our natural state – freedom.

Judgment is a dense, low frequency energy and not particularly useful for happiness and creativity. Judgment is also never our truth! It is simply a belief system, one that clouds our ability to hear our Soul, our Consciousness.

Our Being naturally resonates with our Deeper Truth, God, the Universe, whatever word you use for that Greater Intelligence. Our Truth is a high frequency electromagnetic field and this is where we can actually feel our connection to Wholeness, to God.

I believe that what we are all really seeking is that feeling of connection to the Divine. That is Home.

For me, letting go of belief systems (all of them), being focused on the present moment, being aware of my electromagnetic energy, and being engaged in my current experience is the game that I am playing these days.

The goal is not to make more money, have a great relationship, see the world or even to share my wisdom.  It is to experience! To be in alignment with my soul! Period. The accoutrements of life will flow out of that in whatever form they take.